Friday, October 26, 2012

Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi

            As the title goes sometimes in life we meet people and forget it but some encounters remain with us and change us and our lives. It’s amazing how a few moments can leave a deep impact on our mind.

Before I met this guy on a running train life was so complicated we were in trouble, helpless, and in an unknown city but simply simplified everything. And he changed me and my perception and also cleared the haze we had in our minds.

Four girls trying hard to reach home, who wouldn't help them but no, everything was working against us. Boarding this train was our last hope that morning but we had lost even that to the waiting list. It was our last chance (you see we had no money left!). Taking help from all the dead relatives to die once again and all the living once serious enough in hospitals we tried to convince the big fat T.C. but like the stubborn fat of his body he wouldn't budge.

He was so ‘duh’ that he didn’t even notice us sneaking into train behind him, imagine 4 girls (and the noise they make) with their enormous luggage trying to push their heavy bags into the train any moron would have noticed it but to our luck and his dung-headedness he didn't .

We knew the moment he would find us inside the train he would throw us out of the train the very next station. We had mutually decided that we would spent the rest of the money on bribing him to let us travel. (You see, in India such things are possible!)
The bogey we had jumped into was the 2nd A/C completely packed with over-sized rich people occupying more space than 10 lean poor people would have. I don’t know what’s up with these so called rich people they never seem to want to share anything. So before we even tried to collect sympathy and help and off course some space this arrogant rude lady was ready to create a big scene.

It was easier to bribe the T.C. than convince her so I felt my friends to the mercy of that rude lady and went to look for the T.C. in case he saw the unrest would not help us.

The train had started and the T.C. miraculously vanished I hoped the train left him behind. And as I returned to the rescue of my friends they too had evaporated in thin air (yes with the enormous luggage girls carry!) Before I could go ask what the lady had done to them a soothing voice called me “And what’s your name?” What the hell did somebody want to do with my name right now?

When I turned right to snap back at who-ever it was what I see is all three of my friends comfortably seated all of the luggage gone in its place and a middle aged man smiling at me and offering me a seat.

He had already started conversation with my friends; he kept us engaged in the conversation so well that we actually forgot that we had a problem in life called the T.C. He said “You are design students, so tell me about your field. While telling him about our courses and projects we found a guide and mentor in him. His knowledge in this field was so deep that he cleared our doubts regarding out design and also questioned us so that we released the hidden strengths of our projects. Normally people don’t understand the word product design, it’s new and they have heard of only fashion design so one has to actually make people understand that fashion is completely different. But out of blue we had met a man who knew a lot about this field and we could openly discuss with him like we did with our faculty.

Out of doubt that he must be either from a renowned college of design or at least professionally related to it I asked him what he did.

And pat the answer came “Let’s talk about you first!”

While we were talking the other passengers also became interested and were listening to us and we hardly released that even the T.C. was standing behind me and silently listening to our conversation.

This guy told the T.C. that these girls are with me they are my distant relatives, and the T.C. didn't even check our tickets! One word of his and the T.C. was out of there and never returned, we travelled without a confirm ticked that day and we didn't even bribe him.

We kept staring blankly after him just a while ago he was not ready to listen to us and now it was enough for him to know that we were related to somebody to let us travel! Weird. Very weird.

Mr. Vishwanath, yes that’s what his name was and apparently his profession was to create and produce, he said he was an engineer and had his own set up.

He introduced to us the future of design and took us on ride of our future telling us the scope and the possibilities that could be there. He very firmly said solar is the future you must design products for energy conservation and using solar energy. (Frankly speaking I gave a damn to solar then!) He gave us a lot of insight into this technology and I must say inspired us to work for the better and design responsibly only that we realized it when we came back to college and introduced to solar energy. This guy had given us enough information to drive us through this project smoothly.

We have no idea how he know so much about us and our profession,

Nor do we know who exactly he was but he change us for the good we came with wonderful solutions for our project and somewhere he is responsible it, for giving us the right knowledge at the right time.

One of our friends travelled further after our destination but when Mr. Vishwanath got off she doesn't know or maybe she didn’t even realize until late that he was missing.

In that span of 4 hour he taught you a lot. Thinking back I realize that he got us home safely, he worked the T.C. for us, he mentored us individually and still we didn't know him at all.

Who was he?

Spiritually – God

Practically – A learned person from the same field and interest backgrounds

Factually- A coincidence

But I believe coincidences are the best planned surprises,

So if any of you know about this guy or if Mr. Vishwanath you are reading this please contact us.

Till then in search…

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