Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello There :)

     They say life is like a boat, there are ups downs all the time. (They say many things to show that they're all high and mighty and wise, don't they?) You meet all kinds of people: mean, nice, tall, short, fat, very fat. Some stay with you, the others leave. There are a few you rediscover. And with them, comes flooding a sea of memories from lost times.
     The Grey Matter Quartet kicked ass in school 7 years ago, and is back again to kick some more.

     We're here to mock the world.
     We're here to praise the awesome people that inhabit it, and condemn the worst.
     We're here to laugh with it, at the silliest jokes.
     We're here to sympathise with those trampled upon, and help them up.
     We're here to salute the world in it's smallest and largest pictures.
     But most importantly, we're here because we like to be here.

     The Grey Matter Quartet is on a joyride to celebrate life. And you are invited to come and experience the best and the worst with us. :)

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